As an employer operating around the world, diversity is a matter of course. We have employees in many countries. They have varied cultural backgrounds and have gone through different kinds of training and education program. They also vary a great deal in terms of age and work experience.

Our culture of appreciation, mutual respect and expertise prevails at all our locations. One important element of this culture is the focus on employees health and safety, which is consistent throughout the world.

The Corporate Center

The Corporate Center is the Group’s management body. It provides the divisions with centrally coordinated management guidance in the form of strategic planning, key financial figures, standardized values and prescribed governance requirements. The Corporate Center also functions as a service centre where group development, controlling and communications, legal and compliance, treasury, tax and cyber security are located.

The decentralized structure of Bucher Industries makes the Corporate Center , with around 30 employees, a streamlined operation, which ensures that we have direct and short communication channels.  At the same time, we’re also part of a larger Group and gain insights into the business segments covered by our five divisions and into their markets and product ranges.

Our offices are located in a building at Zurich Airport, which enjoys very well-developed transport links. The Corporate Center has modern offices and a well-developed infrastructure. Our financially sound pension fund with fair contributions and benefits is also attractive.