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Financial year 2022:
Pleasing performance in a challenging environment
Demand for Bucher Industries’ products and services normalised at a very high level over the course of 2022. Sales again increased significantly, despite continuing challenges in procurement and personnel. The operating profit margin is likely to exceed the previous year’s high figure. Profit for the year should be substantially higher than in the previous year.
New member of the board of directors
The board of directors of Bucher Industries proposes that the annual general meeting on 19 April 2023 elect Urs Kaufmann as a new board member. Urs Kaufmann will also be proposed to the annual general meeting in 2024 as chairman of the board of directors and nominated as successor to Philip Mosimann.
First half-year 2022: Good result with a marked increase in sales
Bucher Industries’ products and services continued to be in high demand in the first half of 2022. As a result, order intake increased further. Despite ongoing difficulties in procurement and logistics, sales increased. The operating profit margin was slightly higher and the Group’s profit for the period grew considerably.
Annual general meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors
At today’s annual general meeting (AGM) of Bucher Industries AG, the shareholders agreed to all the proposals put forward by the board of directors. The dividend is CHF 9.50 per registered share. 199 shareholders with voting rights were present and a total of 73.24% of the votes were represented.
Financial year 2021: Marked increase in sales and operating profit margin
Demand for Bucher Industries’ products and services was very strong in the reporting period. Sales were up substantially and slightly exceeded the high 2019 figures. The operating profit margin rose to a very good 11.1% and profit for the year increased to CHF 269 million. The board of directors proposes a dividend of CHF 9.50 per share.
Financial year 2021: Exceptio­nally high demand
Bucher Industries’ products and services enjoyed extremely strong demand in 2021. Order intake grew by more than a third. The divisions were faced with major challenges in the supply chain and logistics as well as staff bottlenecks, yet they succeeded in coping with them very well. Sales increased substantially as a result, ending the year slightly ahead of the high 2019 figures. The operating profit margin is likely to exceed the target of 10%, with a corresponding marked rise in the profit for the year.
Bucher Municipal puts IT systems back into operation
The division Bucher Municipal is starting up the IT infrastructure in stages after extensive analysis and clean-up. The tried and tested monitoring and defence systems have been further strengthened. Bucher Industries does not expect a material impact on the operating result for 2021.

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