Group management

Jacques Sanche

1965, Swiss and Canadian citizen; doctorate in economics (Dr. oec.) from HSG University of St. Gallen; since 2016 CEO

  • 2007 Belimo Holding AG, Hinwil, CEO 
  • 2004 WMH Walter Meier Holding, Stäfa, member of the group management; WMH Tool Group, Chicago, USA, CEO
  • 1997 WMH Walter Meier Holding, various management positions
  • 1990 various positions as consultant
  • Other appointments: 
    Member of the board of Schweiter Technologies, Horgen, and Member of the Council of Swissmem (the trade association of the Swiss mechanical, electrical and engineering industries)
Manuela Suter

1974, Swiss citizen, degree in business economics (lic. oec. publ.) from the University of Zurich, Swiss certified public accountant; since 2018 CFO

  • 2014 Bucher Industries, head of group controlling 
  • 2011 Bucher Industries, group controller
  • 2010 SIX Exchange Regulation, Zurich, senior financial reporting specialist
  • 2007 Holcim, Zurich, head financial holdings
  • 2001 Ernst&Young, Zurich, auditor 
  • No other appointments or commitments

Group finance

Manuela Suter, CFO
Ronald Dawson, Group controlling
Jörg Hüchting, Group tax
Frank Rust, Group treasury
Stefan Wenigmann, Group cyber security


Thierry Krier

1967, US and French citizen, master’s degree in international business marketing, ESIDEC in Metz, bachelor’s degree in agronomy, Dijon College of Agriculture; since 2014 division president of Kuhn Group 

  • 2008 Kuhn North America Inc., president and CEO
  • 2002 Kuhn Knight Inc., president and managing director 
  • 1994 Kuhn Farm Machinery Inc., head of sales and marketing
  • 1990 Kuhn SA, Saverne 
  • Other appointments or commitments:
    President of CEMA, European Agricultural Machinery Association

Kuhn Group

Thierry Krier, Division president
Dominique Schneider, Finance and controlling
Martin Segond, Operations
Rolf Schneider, Sales and marketing
Christophe Jeanroy, Research and development
Frédéric Lacroix, Kuhn-Huard SAS
Didier Vallat, Kuhn-Audureau SAS
Dominique Devillers, Kuhn Blanchard SAS
Thierry Leroueil, Artec Pulvérisation SAS
Marc Peeters, Kuhn-Geldrop B.V.
Greg Petras, Kuhn North America, Inc.; Kuhn Krause, Inc.
Nicolas Guillou, Kuhn do Brasil S/A; Kuhn-Montana Indústria de Máquinas S/A


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Aurelio Lemos

1962, Spanish citizen, machine designer with Swiss business diploma (VSH Handelsdiplom); since 2016 division president of Bucher Municipal

  • 2012 Bucher Hydraulics Switzerland, managing director 
  • 2003 Bucher Hydraulics AG Frutigen, managing director
  • 1994 Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, Hünenberg, head of marketing and sales
  • 1992 Weber Protection AG, Emmenbrücke, head of development and technology
  • 1990 Weber AG, Emmenbrücke, business engineer
  • 1989 BOA AG, Rothenburg
  • 1988 Kent Moor AG, Baar 
  • 1980 Viscosuisse AG, Emmenbrücke
  • No other appointments or commitments

Bucher Municipal

Aurelio Lemos, Division president
Stefan Häni, Finance and controlling
René Manser, Chief Information Officer
Jussi Iltanen, Chief Marketing Officer
Marco Meier, Compact sweepers
David Bishop, Truck-mounted sweepers
Per Lovring, Special vehicles
David Waldron, Refuse collection vehicles and Sales and service Oceania
Guido Giletta, Winter maintenance equipment
Ottmar Steinebrunner, Sales and service Europe and Americas
Peter Rhodes, Sales and service Asia


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Daniel Waller

1960, Swiss citizen, master’s degree in mechanical engineering (dipl. Ing.) from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich; since 2004 division president of Bucher Hydraulics

  • 1999 Bucher Hydraulics AG, Frutigen, managing director
  • 1996 Carlo Gavazzi AG, Steinhausen
  • 1987 Rittmeyer AG, Zug 
  • No other appointments or commitments

Bucher Hydraulics

Daniel Waller, Division president
Peter Minder, Finance and controlling
Jens Kubasch, Bucher Hydraulics Germany
Thomas Dubach, Bucher Hydraulics Switzerland
Alfonso Brighetti, Bucher Hydraulics Italy
Bill Parks, Bucher Hydraulics North America
Kapil Sehgal, Bucher Hydraulics India
Sam Wu, Bucher Hydraulics China


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Matthias Kümmerle

1973, Swiss and German citizen, Ph.D. EPFL, degree in mechanical engineering (dipl. Ing. ETH), MBA IMD; since 2021 division president of Bucher Emhart Glass

  • 2011 Emhart Glass SA, Steinhausen, vice president technology
  • 2005 Hilti, China and Liechtenstein
  • 2001 Emhart Glass SA, Steinhausen
  • No other appointments or commitments

Bucher Emhart Glass

Matthias Kümmerle, Division president
Reto Semadeni, Finance and controlling
Patrick Crous, Technology
Juan P. Montes, Logistics and manufacturing
Werner Gessner, Sales and marketing


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Stefan Düring

1972, Swiss citizen, degree in economics (lic. oec.) from HSG University of St. Gallen, CPA New Hampshire, CFA Charlottesville; since 2014 division president of Bucher Specials

  • since 2006 Bucher Industries, head of group development and since 2010 responsible for Bucher Unipektin and Bucher Landtechnik
  • 1998 PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zurich
  • No other appointments or commitments

Bucher Specials

Stefan Düring, Division president
Bruno Estienne, Bucher Vaslin
Daniel Schneider, Bucher Unipektin
Jürg Minger, Bucher Landtechnik
Christian Benz, Jetter


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Group services

Stefan Düring

1972, Swiss citizen, degree in economics (lic. oec.) from HSG University of St. Gallen, certified public accountant Board of Accountancy, New Hampshire, CPA New Hampshire, CFA Charlottesville; since 2006 Head of group development

  • Other appointments or commitments see group management
Markus Beck

1973, Swiss citizen, law degree (lic. iur.) from the University of Bern, lawyer, Executive Master of European and International Business Law (Executive M.B.L.-HSG) from the University of St. Gallen

  • Since 2016 head of legal
  • 2012 legal counsel
  • 2008 Ypsomed AG, Burgdorf, legal counsel
  • 2005 Bühler AG, Uzwil, legal counsel
  • No other appointments or commitments
Silvia Oppliger

1976, Swiss citizen, lic. phil. I University of Zurich, Master of Advanced European Studies University of Basel, CFA Charlottesville

  • since Oct. 2018, Bucher Industries, Head of Corporate Communications
  • 2011 SNB, Zurich, Deputy Head of Media Relations
  • 2007 Swiss Employers Association, Zurich, editor/producer
  • 2005 Nairobi, Kenya, German teacher and freelance journalist
  • No other appointments or commitments