Performing heavy work
with utmost precision

Christian Schilling on what he sees as Bucher Hydraulics’ contribution to society

Hydraulics lift a roof

In the 2021 annual report, we’re focusing on the value our divisions create for society. How do we contribute to the world we live in, both today and tomorrow? To answer this question, we’ve handed the floor over to our employees. Read on to find out what Christian Schilling sees as Bucher Hydraulics’ objective.

“Hydraulics make moving heavy loads look effortless. When a crane boom places an entire roof on a building with absolute precision, that’s a pretty impressive sight.”

hydraulic component from Bucher Hydraulics
hydraulic components
Christian Schilling is an CSN specialist at Bucher Hydraulics

“With every component we create, we’re making something that moves the world and the people in it – sometimes even giving them goosebumps, because we also equip roller coasters with hydraulic drives.” 

People on boardwalk near new roller coaster

“We fit tail lifts for vans that safely transport our online shopping, bringing it home – and bringing people joy.”

At Bucher Hydraulics, we create more than high-quality, durable products for our customers. Our solutions enable machines to perform heavy work and move large masses. Because hydraulics delivers massive, constant power for moving heavy loads precisely and safely, even in harsh environments.

In this way, our solutions, which are used in a wide variety of electrohydraulic systems, make a contribution to society and the world in which we live.

emplyoyee at Bucher Hydraulics in Klettgau with hydraulic component
tractos and wind turbines with hydraulic components
About Christian Schilling

Made by computers, controlled by people. Christian is responsible for the production of hydraulic shafts at Bucher Hydraulics – from the blank to the finished part. Knowing what he’s making a product for, where it will be used and whether it works or not is what motivates him – he’s driven by the ambition

to constantly improve products with the customer. Christian appreciates that he can always discover new things and develop ideas together with an age-diverse team – and he’s been doing that at Bucher Hydraulics for 39 years now.