Pumps and motors

Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic pumps and motors, including external and internal gear units and special axial piston units. They are durable, have a long service life and are used in almost all mobile applications, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery and special-purpose vehicles, and in stationary applications in the industry.

Valves and manifold block solutions

The valves offered by Bucher Hydraulics cover the entire spectrum of hydraulic functions: pressure and flow regulation, flow prevention and check functions, and directional spool and directional seat functions. Valve applications are found everywhere where large forces have to be positioned dynamically and with millimetre precision using hydraulics, as is the case with heavy duty cranes, cold milling machines and sweepers, for example.


Bucher Hydraulics is specialised in cylinders designed for use under the toughest of operating conditions in construction and special-purpose machinery. Cylinders are used for stabilisation, axle blocking, suspension and levelling purposes, wherever maximum safety is required. They are also used in stationary industrial applications for counterbalancing robotics equipment and machine tools.

Power units

Power units are compact assemblies comprising an electric motor, pump, valve technology and oil tank. The wide variety of configurations, quick availability and simplicity of installation have made them highly popular worldwide, particularly in the automotive engineering and materials handling segments. They are predominantly used for lifting, lowering and drive functions, as required for logistics lift trucks, aerial platforms and tow winches.

Power electronics

Bucher Hydraulics offers a modular line of power electronics designed for mobile applications. The compact product platform consists of single- and multi-inverters and DC/DC converters. With these products, new and extensive opportunities for future-oriented, ecological and economical concepts for electric and hybrid vehicles open up.

System solutions

System solutions are coordinated combinations of components incorporating hydraulics, electronics and electric drive technology. They have their own drive electronics and electronic control systems as well as the required valve technology and actuators in the form of a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor and can therefore be integrated as self-contained units in machinery. They are commonly used in hydraulic lifts, electrohydraulic systems for electric-powered, mobile machinery, electrohydraulic linear axes, ergonomic work tables and high-voltage switch gear systems. 

“We achieve our objective only if our customers achieve success with their products and our electrohydraulic solutions. The basis for our success is an intensive working relationship with customers, from development to production.”

Daniel Waller
Bucher Hydraulics division president

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