Shaping the history of winemaking

Karine Galland on what she sees as Bucher Vaslin’s contribution to society

Bucher Vaslin in Chalonnes, and vineyards

In the 2021 annual report, we are focusing on the value our divisions create for society. How do we contribute to the world we live in, both today and tomorrow? To answer this question, we’ve handed the floor over to our employees. Read on to find out what Karine Galland sees as Bucher Vaslin’s objective.

“Our products have a long life cycle. But what if consumer demands change? Retrofitting lets us implement new features on our customers’ existing machines. That’s good for their budget, the environment and consumers – the people.”

Karine Galland, industrial manager Bucher Industries in Chalonnes

“We’re focusing on research and development to help tackle the challenges of our time. We’re making our products increasingly efficient so they require less and less energy and water. We call it our ecological transition journey.” 

wine glasses from a winemaker, customer of Bucher Vaslin
Bucher Vaslin production of solutation for winemakers
Bucher Vaslin machine grape press

“How can people continue to share the joy of high-quality wine, even despite the unpredictable impact of climate change on vineyards? We’re exploring how innovative machines can solve this challenge for our customers.”

welding for grape press from Bucher Vaslin
Bucher Vaslin part of a machine for winemakers

At Bucher Vaslin, we have been delivering high-quality grape presses, filters and reception equipment for more than 100 years. As we offer long-lasting products, we put an emphasis on retrofitting. We strive to anticipate consumer needs and regulatory developments and accelerate innovations to meet future demands.

We offer excellent services – services that are critical to customers’ operations at harvesting time. We’re committed to helping people experience the joy of high-quality wine, now and into the future.

Karine Galland and co-worker at Bucher Vaslin
About Karine Galland

Karine has been working with Bucher Vaslin since 2015, inspired by its 100-year history combined with its autonomy and the strength of the Group company Bucher Industries. Despite her manifold duties as an industrial manager, she appreciates that there is room for close dialogue

with customers, oenologists in the field and colleagues on site, which makes the working culture at Bucher Vaslin particularly special. Bucher Vaslin’s constant drive to innovate, with the aim of remaining a world leader, is what keeps her motivated.