For a clean and safe environment

Lonnitta Reid on what she sees as Bucher Municipal’s contribution to society

Aerial view of Jubilee Gardens

In the 2021 annual report, we’re focusing on the value our divisions create for society. How do we contribute to the world we live in, both today and tomorrow? To answer this question, we’ve handed the floor over to our employees. Read on to find out what Lonnitta Reid sees as Bucher Municipal’s objective.

“Our sweepers clear dirt and litter away from the roads, protecting waterways and reduce dust in the air. That’s so essential for our everyday life and the world around us. We keep the environment clean and safe.”

Brushes at compact sweeper from Bucher Municipal
Road Amidst Trees In Forest
Lonnitta Reid at Bucher Municipal

“As cities are growing, we’re developing new technologies, such as for electrified sweepers. Our products not only make life in public places increasingly safer and more enjoyable, but because they’re so quiet and can work at night, they’re also gradually becoming invisible.”

Compact sweeper from Bucher Municipal in Mooresville

“If we don’t look after our environment and protect it, everything around us – both wildlife and human life – suffers in the end. That’s why everything we do is geared toward maintaining the health of our surroundings.”

Bucher Municipal stands for more than just keeping public spaces clean and safe. In essence, we contribute to the cleanliness and safety of the environment that we live in and improve the quality of everyday life. As cities grow, there will be more and more vital infrastructure which 

will need to be cleaned and cleared in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. That’s why we keep developing new technologies and solutions, making cleaning and clearing increasingly quiet and eco-friendly – and life more pleasant and enjoyable.

Male co-worker and female co-worker at Bucher Municipal in Mooresville
About Lonnitta Reid

As an HR and compliance manager, it’s Lonnitta’s job to make sure Bucher Municipal adheres to legal standards and inhouse policies, ensuring compliance with various federal regulations at all times. She also plays a more overarching role. Lonnitta keeps her door wide open for her colleagues, encouraging them to address all kinds of matters and questions together. This approach was influenced by the sense of unity at the company and its culture of mutual respect across the board, regardless of title, which she admires.

This is what motivates and excites her about her job and has done since she joined in 2012. In her own words: “The Bucher Municipal culture is priceless. I’m amazed by it.” No doubt her approachable nature and personality contribute to it.