We help farmers feed the world

Arnaud Tiha on what he sees as Kuhn Group’s contribution to society

In the 2021 annual report, we’re focusing on the value our divisions create for society. How do we contribute to the world we live in, both today and tomorrow? To answer this question, we’ve handed the floor over to our employees. Read on to find out what Arnaud Tiha sees as Kuhn Group’s objective. 

“With an ever-growing world population, people need more space to live and more food to eat. Farmers have to produce increasingly high yields on shrinking plots of arable land while using less and less fertiliser.”

innovation of agricultural machinery
developer at Kuhn Group
Arnaud Tiha, employee of Kuhn Group

“How can we keep feeding the world? The only way is to increase yields with less input, fewer chemicals and innovative technology such as precision farming.”

employee and customer of Kuhn Group on field

“Our machines need to adapt to different farming practices, conditions and soils, offer new technology and be both reliable and affordable. It’s a challenge, but that’s what drives us.” 

At Kuhn Group, we manufacture a wide range of specialised agricultural machinery for customers worldwide. We relentlessly innovate, because agriculture needs to become ever more sustainable and efficient through the adoption of practices such as precision farming and conservation agriculture.

The AUROCK no-till seed drill is just one example of our latest innovations. In meeting these complex needs, we also achieve a bigger goal: helping farmers feed an ever-growing world population.

precision farming, screen in cockpit of tractor
development of agricultural machinery at Kuhn Group
About Arnaud Tiha

The pursuit of continuous innovation in farm machinery has been part of Arnaud’s daily work and fuelled his motivation since 2012. He finds his main task of developing new prototypes to be a challenging but welcome one. It requires him to meet expectations with respect to performance, customer benefits and cost. Arnaud therefore feels it’s vital to have an ongoing dialogue with farmers about their experiences in the field.

Opportunities such as an extensive stay in the US to broaden his knowledge and foster cross-cultural understanding enrich his work at Kuhn, where he values the culture of trust towards employees. In addition, working for Kuhn in Saverne (France) alongside more than 2000 employees is a source of pride for Arnaud. In his words: “Saverne wouldn’t be Saverne without Kuhn.”