Material topics

Environmental impact of our products and services

Management approach
A major lever for reducing our ecological footprint lies in our products and solutions. We therefore strive to develop machinery and systems that enable our customers to improve their environmental impact without having to compromise on customer benefits. Ecological considerations relating to our products are an integral part of the research and development phase and take account of the entire life cycle of the products, from their manufacture to their daily use and right through to their disposal.

Precautionary actions and measures
Protection of the environment and natural resources is embedded in our Code of Conduct and in the Human Rights Statement. Our Group-wide Environmental Policy is the basis for our environmental management activities and specifies our shared values, principles and standards in this area. We are a signatory of the UN Global Compact and fully endorse the environmental principles enacted therein. We support efforts to mitigate climate change through our measures to reduce CO2 emissions. We continuously develop and optimise our offering in line with our customers’ needs and prevailing regulatory requirements. We strive to make our products and solutions more efficient and precise through electrification or efficiency gains in order to reduce our consumption of energy and resources and through electronic control systems for fertilisers, crop protection products and road salt. These efforts are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and the use of natural resources and chemicals.

Resource efficiency of production with a focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions

Management approach
We have set ourselves the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions generated by our own activities in proportion to value creation.

Precautionary actions and measures
We are taking action at various levels: by optimising buildings, by making efficiency gains in production, and by generating energy from renewable sources.

Further ESG pillars

Human rights

Further information on the human rights due diligence obligations can be found under this link.