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Kuhn Group

Kuhn Group’s head office in Saverne, France where hay and forage, soil preparation and seeding machines are produced.

Kuhn MGM is the assembly factory of large machines, located nearby in Monswiller.

Kuhn Parts, Kuhn Group's European parts logistics centre is also located in Monswiller.

Livestock bedding and feeding equipment and landscape maintenance equipment are produced by Kuhn-Audureau in La Copechagnière, France.

In Châteaubriant, Kuhn-Huard produces ploughs, non-PTO driven soil preparation equipment and precision seed drills.

A full range of balers, bale wrappers, maize choppers and drum mowers are produced in Geldrop, Netherlands.

Mounted and trailed sprayers for agriculture are produced in Chéméré, France.

Kuhn North America produces and markets livestock feeding, manure spreading and hay and forage equipment for the North American and international markets.

Kuhn Krause produces and markets tillage equipment and grain drills for the North American and international markets.

Direct seed drills, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders are produced in Passo Fundo, Brazil. Agricultural machinery produced by other Kuhn Group companies are also marketed in South America by Kuhn do Brasil.

The Sao José dos Pinhais production unit produces trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

The new VARI-MASTER L On-Land has been designed for high precision ploughing.

Maxima pneumatic seed drill is highly reliable, safe in deployment,and shows stability and accuracy in placing the seeds.

PRIME HD 61: The largest no till planter with 61 rows – performance and precision

The ProTwin spreader with side discharge enables an even and continuous discharge and is specially adapted to large farms.

Kuhn AGRI-LONGER hedge and grass cutters used for roadside maintenance.

The high-performance Kuhn Merge Maxx belt mergers enable the high-speed gathering of forage crops.

Kuhn Group, the pioneer in the field of disc mowing technology, offers the widest range of disc mowers and mower conditioners in the industry.

The Kuhn PRIMOR 15070 M - all-fodder high capacity feeder and straw blower.

LEXIS: Compact trailed sprayer

The new Axis disc spreader possesses a high and extremely precise spreading performance.

The Kuhn Group range of self-propelled TMR mixers allows farmers to feed their herds with quality rations.

The Kuhn Excelerator vertical tillage tool provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seedbed preparation in one pass.

Espro 6000 RC, universal pneumatic seed drill

High performance self-propelled sprayer

Kuhn Group offers an efficient and versatile range of round and large square balers.

Kuhn’s Profeed delivery box offers efficient distribution of high quality feed to dairy and beef herds.

Bucher Municipal

Niederweningen is the home for compact sweepers development and Bucher Municipal sales and marketing.

Hanover is Bucher Municipal's sales and service centre for sweepers for the German market.

Truck-mounted sweepers from Bucher Municipal for the Asian market are assembled and marketed in Korea.

In Wuhan, China, Bucher Municipal is a manufacturer of sewage tankers for the Chinese market segment.

Bucher Municipal in Ventspils manufactures and assembles components, hoppers and subassemblies for the production of compact sweepers.

Truck-mounted sweepers are developed, manufactured and marketed in Dorking.

Special truck-mounted sweepers from Bucher Municipal for the most demanding cleaning procedures are developed, manufactured and marketed in Them, Denmark.

Bucher Municipal develops, manufactures and markets refuse collection vehicles in Australia and assembles and distributes truck-mounted sweepers and sewer cleaning vehicles.

In Revello Bucher Municipal develops, manufactures and markets spreaders, snow ploughs and snow blowers for winter service.

In Wernberg-Köblitz Bucher Municipal develops, manufactures and markets spreaders and snow ploughs for winter service.

The agile compact sweepers from Bucher Municipal are designed for efficient and effective cleaning of town centres, pedestrian precincts, bus stops, narrow alleys or recreation areas.

The new “Bucher CityCat V20” series combines improved suction performance, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort and sustainability in a choice of sizes, configurations and as an all-electric version.

The compact sweeper "Bucher C202" introduces a host of new features of enhanced performance and ride comfort, together with reduced running costs and lower impact on the environment.

The compact sweeper "Bucher CityCat 5006" sets new standards in performance and range thanks to its hight suction power, big hopper size and enormous water capacity.

All models in the wide range of Bucher Municipal's truck mounted sweepers deliver extremely strong suction and cleaning performance for fast cleansing of large areas.

The “Bucher V Range” is tailored to operate in many specific environments offering a wide choice of options to ensure maximum performance is achieved. Available in sizes of 5, 6 and 8 m3, there is also an all-electric model.

Thanks to a high-performance suction sweeper and a high-pressure washing system, Bucher Municipal's "Bucher XPowa" special sweepers can always be adapted to your individual requirements and applications.

Bucher Municipal's high-speed airport cleaning vehicles "Bucher XPowa aero" can be equipped with various options to ensure efficient and fast cleaning of runways.

Perform all those small tasks around the city center or in industrial premises with ease. Developed for tight spaces, "Bucher CityFlex C40" operates efficiently where others can’t reach.

The "Bucher Flexline C120" is probably the most flexible sewer cleaner on the market. It is used for preventive cleaning, emergency cleaning of mains, septic tanks, and transport of dangerous goods.

The "Bucher RECycler CR120" is a fully automatic water recycling unit that continuously cleans water from the sewer lines for reuse, saving the environment from several thousand litres of fresh water every day.

Flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability in one unit. The "Bucher RECyler C120" is made for the North American market and offers the most complete and versatile recycling system that decreases the environmental footprint.

Experience the benefits on a day-to-day basis when you are no longer challenged by the terrain. With the remote hose reel, you gain easy and safe access to difficult jetting tasks.

On really demanding tasks, you’ll find greater depths and widths in the sewer lines. Equipped with impressive power, the "Bucher SuperRECyler CR140" ensures that no commercials or industrial challenges are too big.

The fully automatic and continuous water filtration system on Bucher Municipal's recycler units separates water from sludge for subsequent use when cleaning the sewer lines.

Bucher Municipal's sewer cleaning equipment can be operated by one person – either by using the wireless remote control or the control panels mounted on the truck.

High performance winter equipment from Bucher Municipal for heavy sized implement carries. Our equipment doesn’t fear heavy work for cities as well as mountain areas.

Revolutionary brine injection system from Bucher Municipal for snow plough, remove the snow and protect the road with a single trip. This equipment is able to change the way you work, which aim to keep the road clean and safe efficiently and economically.

Bucher Municipal spreaders and snow ploughs provide the world’s most effective solution to keep traffic on highways and national roads smooth and safe.

Professional winter equipment from Bucher Municipal for small sized implement carries, ideal for small areas such as bicycle lanes or small passages into historic neighbourhood of cities.

Modern winter equipment from Bucher Municipal ideally designed for the different situations in cities and for roads with variable widths.

The first all-electric professional spreader worldwide. Thanks to low costs and cutting-edge technological solutions, the "Bucher Phoenix Electra" is the most advanced answer to the needs of winter traffic professionals.

Available in a variety of sizes, the "Bucher UrBin" rear loader is ideal for use in a range of applications from parks and garden collections to commercial, industrial and hard waste collection.

The "Bucher Force" front loader stands for high durability, operator comfort, speed of operation and the best payload in the industry. Available in 28.5m3 for 6x4 applications and 33.5m3 for 8x4 configurations.

Bucher Hydraulics

Klettgau – Development and production of hydraulic systems and components (including pumps, motors and directional control valves), Bucher Hydraulics distributor in Germany

Neuheim – Development and production of hydraulic systems and components for mobile hydraulics, elevator drives and energy technology

Frutigen – Development and production of hydraulic systems and components (including cartridge valves and control blocks)

Bucher Hydraulics distributor in Switzerland

Reggio Emilia – Development and manufacture of hydraulic components (including pumps, motors, compact power units and directional control valves) Bucher Hydraulics distributor in Italy

Grand Rapids – Development and manufacture of hydraulic systems and components (including pumps and compact power units)

Elgin – Development and manufacture of hydraulic systems and components (including cartridge valves)

Bucher Hydraulics distributor in the USA

Gurgaon, Delhi – Development and manufacture of hydraulic components

Bucher Hydraulics distributor in India

Wujiang City – Development and manufacture of hydraulic components

Bucher Hydraulics distributor in China

Bucher Hydraulics’ internal and external hydraulic gear pumps and motors have been tried and tested worldwide for decades. Stand-out features include low noise levels, long service life, power density and the high level of efficiency.

Pumps with variable-speed drives are used, for example, in injection moulding machines.

Applications for motors with integrated valve technology include construction, agricultural and forestry machinery.

Bucher Hydraulics’ comprehensive range of valves includes many different state-of-the-art pressure control, safety, check, flow control, logic and directional control valves.

Modern valve technology is deployed in sophisticated hydraulic functions in mobile applications such as lifting gear control on tractors.

Other typical uses include agricultural engineering, energy technology, conveyor systems and municipal vehicles, construction machinery, industrial applications and elevators.

Bucher Hydraulics power units are compact components, typically comprising pump, electric motor, valve technology and oil reservoir.

Compact power packs are used primarily in raising and lowering functions, for example on vehicle lifting platforms.

Our elevator power units with smart valve technology are found in passenger and goods elevators.

Our customized systems, control blocks and electronic control systems make it possible for a wide range of machine systems to communicate.

Complete system solutions or sub-systems in the form of control blocks and fan controls, for example in mobile processing machines.

Our system solutions are also used in energy technology: in wind farms, solar power stations and high-voltage grids.

Bucher Emhart Glass

Cham is the head office of the Bucher Emhart Glass Division where the division and sales management, the centralized IT, finance & controlling and project management are located.

Bucher Emhart Glass Sweden manufactures and assembles glass forming machinery and runs the division's world logistic centre in Sundsvall. In the Swedish city Orebro components and parts are manufactured with high performance, automated machine tools.

Windsor is the research and development centre for the glass forming and inspection sector.

In Elmira, USA inspection machines are produced.

In Johor Bahru Bucher Emhart Glass assembles container glass machinery and builds equipment.

Sanjin Glass Machinery is China's market leader for container glass machinery and equipment.

Scheme of the production process for glass containers.

NIS type glass forming machine represents the most modern manufacturing technology for glass containers.

The FleXinspect family is a state-of-the-art modular system. It combines all of the experience the Bucher Emhart Glass inspection business has compiled over the years.

The FleXinspect T provides unmatched modular versatility, value, and flexibility for glassmaker’s current and future requireme

Bucher Specials

Bucher Vaslin develops, produces and markets machines and plants for the processing of grapes and for producing wine (grape delivery systems, presses, fermentation, filtration and reverse osmosis systems).

Bucher Vaslin MS manufactures equipment and systems for the reception of grapes (destemmer and crushers, sorting tables and pumps).

Bucher Vaslin Sudamérica is a commercial and service branch for Chile and South America.

In Niederweningen Bucher Unipektin AG develops, manufactures and markets fruit juice processing equipment, vacuum drying systems and sludge dewatering presses. Bucher Landtechnik AG operates a Swiss distributorship for tractors and agricultural machinery.

In Ludwigsburg, Germany, where Jetter is headquartered, the company develops, manufactures and sells control systems for machinery and systems engineering and the mobile automation segment.

Twin de-stemming-crusher machines optimally adjusted to each other liquidise the grapes with great care, thereby avoiding inclusion of bitter flavours in the grape juice.

Pneumatic horizontal grape presses apply the latest oenological knowledge and allow the production of high-quality top wine.

Modern micro-filtration systems make it possible to perform the careful and rapid purification of wine in one step and thus ensure the highest product quality.

Vacuum conveyer dryer ensures the gentle, low-temperature drying of products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Vacuum drying cabinets combined with Zeolith reactors for selective water adsorption minimize the loss of aroma and/or flavor when drying temperature-sensitive natural materials.

Plant for modern fruit juice production

Hydraulic filter presses for the extraction of juices from apples, pears, berries, stone fruits and vegetables

The seven-step evaporator plant, installed in Chile, is highly energy efficient. With an evaporation capacity of 120 000 litres of apple juice per hour, it replaces several, smaller plants.

The New Holland T6 tractor improves farmers' productivity by reducing fuel consumption through high-performance ECOBlue SCR technology.