Glass, the packaging material of our time

Bryant Wong on what he sees as Bucher Emhart Glass’s contribution to society

Bryant Wong and employee at Bucher Emhart Glass assembly plant

In the 2021 annual report, we’re focusing on the value our divisions create for society. How do we contribute to the world we live in, both today and tomorrow? To answer this question, we’ve handed the floor over to our employees. Read on to find out what Bryant Wong sees as Bucher Emhart Glass’s objective. 

“We don’t just produce the machines, we change the game. We provide training and support to glass plant staff. We empower them to have full ownership of their production lines.”

bottles of glass
assembly of glass forming machines at Bucher Emhart Glass

“Our innovative technologies are making glass production increasingly efficient. Today, we can control various parameters of each gob. The amount of glass can be reduced and specified, cutting the cost and carbon footprint of each glass container.”

engineers at assembly of glass forming machine from Bucher Emhart Glass

“Our innovations and services help our customers to be more competitive on the market. Glass containers can be established as the most healthy and ecological container of our time. This is great for our customers, society and the environment.”

At Bucher Emhart Glass, we do more than just manufacture glass-forming machines. We forge ahead with innovative and automated technology, we give training to glass manufacturers and share our expertise so they can continually optimise their glass-forming processes. In a nutshell: we provide solutions.

Our solutions don’t just help make production more energy- and cost-efficient: they make glass an environmentally friendly product that is increasingly affordable and popular.

About Bryant Wong

Bryant is in charge of all production in Malaysia, ensuring that the level of performance expected is achieved. The trust, confidence and empowerment he receives from the management, as well as his ever-changing work environment – from machines to solutions – have been a driving force for him at Bucher Emhart Glass since 2010.

Bryant is responsible for building confidence and increasing customer satisfaction through the products and solutions that Bucher Emhart Glass provides. He also works to create opportunities for the local supply chain and long-term manufacturing strategy in the region. He is committed to continually improving and modernising manufacturing processes to stay ahead of the competition.