Then Bucher Industries could be interesting for you. Our company started out more than 200 years ago as a humble blacksmith’s shop. With a corporate strategy based on a consistent long-term orientation, successive generations have developed it to an ultra-modern technology group that operates on a global scale.

A motivating working environment

We owe our performance and success to the outstanding expertise and high level of commitment of our employees. It is important to us that the personnel we employ for the various duties at the company are optimally qualified for the role, since they form the basis of our culture of trust. We offer attractive jobs where our employees can contribute to solving global challenges. We create a working environment that motivates and opens up new perspectives.

“In 2023, our employees worldwide spent 29 hours on average attending training courses.”

Manuela Suter

Offering development opportunities

We encourage and challenge our employees according to their interests and skills and offer them opportunities to develop, both through external training and development opportunities as well as internal development offerings and leadership training. At the group level, there are training programmes that bring together employees from all divisions. These programmes communicate Bucher Industries’ culture and values and strengthen cohesion within the Group, in addition to imparting technical content and strengthening employees’ social and personal skills.

“Two thirds of senior management at Bucher are recruited internally.”

Jacques Sanche

Solid training

The future of Bucher lies in the hands of the next generation, which is why we offer our junior staff targeted training and support.

The Corporate Center

The Corporate Center is the governance body of the Group. It provides the divisions with centrally coordinated management tasks in the form of strategic planning, key indicators and prescribed governance requirements.

The Corporate Center is home to Group Development, Controlling and Communications, Legal and Compliance, Treasury, Taxation and Cyber Security. The decentralised structure of Bucher Industries makes the Corporate Center – with its around 30 employees – a streamlined operation and ensures direct and short communication channels.

At the same time, we are also part of a larger group and gain insights into the business segments covered by Bucher Industries’ five divisions as well as into their markets and product ranges. Our offices are located in premises at Zurich Airport, which is optimally connected to the local transport network (route map). As a future employee at Bucher, you will find a global working environment characterised by reliability, fairness and competence, as well as a modern workplace.

“In the 16 years I’ve now been at Bucher, my work has never been boring. I’ve always been able to get involved and take an active role in my area of work. Our team is committed, professional and supportive. For me, Bucher is like a family.”

Victoria Mortensen
Group Treasury

Positive, inclusive culture

It’s important for us to create a working environment where employees feel safe and respected, with an inclusive and appreciative culture.

As an employer operating around the world, diversity is a matter of course for us. We have employees in many countries, with a wide range of cultural and educational backgrounds as well as ages and professional experience. We ensure that everyone is given equal opportunities. In recruiting, in the workplace, and when training, developing and promoting our employees, decisions are made objectively on the basis of qualifications, skills, performance and conduct. We also encourage the hiring and promotion of employees from within the company. Our material topics and principles can be found in our latest environmental, social and ethics report.

“Our culture of appreciation, mutual respect and expertise is a hallmark of all our locations. An important element of this is our focus on employee health and safety.”

Jacques Sanche

Our principles

The Code of Conduct sets out our principles of propriety, fairness, integrity and professionalism. Our Human Rights Statement and our Employee policy and Environmental policy outline our principles for respecting human rights, complying with labour law standards and protecting the environment.