“The Flavy FGC high-per­formance filter achieves excellent results with significantly less energy.”

Eugène Tcaciuc
Filtration and Innovation Research Project Manager
and Oenologist
Bucher Vaslin, Chalonnes-sur-Loire

Eugène Tcaciuc is a food technology engineer, quality assurance manager and qualified oenologist all in one. As a research engineer at Bucher Vaslin, his goal is to combine the needs of the world’s winemakers with the well-being of the planet – motivation enough to bring the Flavy FGC’s un­de­ni­able strengths in food processing to an ever-wider audience. A customer that has the Flavy FGC already in use is Tost 1820 in Piemont, Italy.

“Many types of wine do not need the full tangential speed during filtering. This is the secret of the Flavy FGC’s success: it adjusts the speed from wine to wine.”

“Wineries and bottling plants thus reduce their energy requirements for filtering by 60%, and even by 95 to 97% for particularly easy-to-filter wine varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc.”

“Because the Flavy FGC does the right job for the right wine, it requires less cleaning water and detergent as well as filter com­po­nents. This makes the Flavy FGC a truly exceptional talent, both ecologically and economically.”

The Flavy FGC high-performance filter sets new standards in the market in terms of performance and energy consumption. Following its successful use in large-scale operations, Bucher Vaslin is planning to adapt the Flavy FGC technology so that smaller wineries and bottling plants can also benefit from its advantages.

However the development goes even further: in the near future, the Flavy FGC principle will be used for filtering fruit juices in addition to oenological products. This step lays the foundation for replacing more energy-intensive clarification processes and creating realecological added value on a global scale.