“With the HELAX drive, it is possible to recover con­sid­er­able energy during the lowering movement.”

Dierk Peitsmeyer
Product Portfolio and Innovation Manager
Bucher Hydraulics, Klettgau

Dierk Peitsmeyer has been shaping the hydraulics industry for over 30 years. At Bucher Hydraulics, he has supported HELAX technology and its possible uses from the very beginning. He is currently testing the HELAX with pilot customers together with the next generation team of developers.

“With the HELAX technology, we will be able to establish a completely new standard and significantly reduce the ecological footprint across industries.”

“Working machines such as exca­va­tors involve large forces. We take advantage of this fact to recover energy during the lowering move­ment and use it during the next lifting movement.”

“Thanks to the HELAX principle, it is possible to reduce the energy require­ments of excavator or crane booms by 70 to 90%. This is tan­ta­mount to a revolution in drive technology.”

The introduction of the HELAX tech­nol­o­gy has given many industries in the mobile and stationary sectors a new opportunity to sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce their ecological footprint. The efficiency of the HELAX is particularly evident when moving heavy loads.

Accordingly, loading and handling machines such as excavators, wheel loaders or tele­scop­ic loaders as well as forming presses offer a high potential for energy savings. At the same time, Bucher Hydraulics is con­stant­ly examining optimisation possibilities with a view to automation for an even better environmental balance for its customers.