“With the Kuhn I-SPRAY technology, farmers can save up to 95% of the vol­ume of herbicide applied.”

Benjamin Desindes
Product Marketing Manager
Crop Protection Product Line (R&D)
Kuhn Group, Saverne

Benjamin Desindes has been involved in precision farming and crop pro­tection during his entire career. At Kuhn Group, he combines his ex­pe­ri­ence in research and development with marketing and sales, and ensures that customers’ needs, such as those of Hubert Helvig of the farm Gaec de l’Hermitage in Hesse, France, are heard and met. He sees technologies such as the Kuhn I-SPRAY as critical innovations allowing farmers to achieve better results and savings in all aspects of agriculture, while securing food production for an ever-growing world population.

“Technology has always brought significant improvements and savings, but rarely to this extent. The ability to detect and spray weeds precisely makes the Kuhn I-SPRAY a game changer.”

“Detecting weeds among the crops, accounting for boom movement while driving, and more: the Kuhn I-SPRAY sensors are truly multi-talented.”

“On average, farmers can save 70 to 75% of the volume of herbicide applied, and up to 95% on less infested fields; from about 100 to 5 litres of spraying solution per hectare.”

Currently in the final stages of the product validation phase with farmers in France, the Kuhn I-SPRAY is expected to be available in a variety of versions as from mid-2024.

Thanks to its significant impact on the environmental footprint of agriculture, this new technology is likely to grow in popularity and become an industry standard in the future.