“From 4 to 3: Now we need one whole gas boiler less a year.”

Stéphane Schissele
Facility Manager
Kuhn Group, Saverne

In 27 years of working for Kuhn Group, Stéphane Schissele has been driven by the same ambitious goal: to successively reduce the amount of energy used in the production hall while bringing more agricultural machinery which are more energy-efficient to the market. The latest chiller project, which recovers waste heat and makes it usable, underscores this ambition.

“Here in Saverne, gas is a huge lever in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why we decided to start saving energy here.”

“Our incentive was to use a modern chiller to remove heat from the foundry and the hardening shop and to use it as a resource. We can say we succeeded. Since then, we’ve been saving 5’000 MWh of energy every year.”

“We have not heard of energy recovery of this kind very often – something that might change in the future. We are proud to be a showcase project.”

With the recovery and reuse of thermal energy via a multi-functional chiller, Kuhn Group has implemented a reference project in the industry. The enquiries from the greater Saverne region about the project underscore this.

At the same time, the chiller is just one of the many ways Kuhn Group is becoming even more environmentally friendly and continuously improving the carbon footprint at its sites.