“The new building combines high energy standards and corporate culture under one roof.”

Marion Hauser
Executive Assistant and
coordinator of the building site
Bucher Automation, Ludwigsburg

Marion Hauser is the central link for the employees, architects and specialist planners in the project. 21 years of experience at Bucher Automation (Bucher Specials), a professional background in construction, enjoyment of responsibility, organisational talent and a love of the team make her the ideal choice.

“With this new building, we are setting new standards in terms of energy, efficiency and team culture – and sending a clear signal for the location.”

“We are reducing our already low carbon footprint by a further 75% to 100 tonnes of CO2 per year.”

“Ecology and efficiency are one thing, reaching highly qualified specialists is another. That’s why the new building couldn’t leave anything out in terms of working comfort and team culture.”

The Marbach building project is a milestone for Bucher Automation in terms of energy, efficiency, and team culture. The building is designed for sustainability throughout, with the aim of coming as close as possible to energy self-sufficiency. The building combines production, logistics and administration and is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in the course of 2023.

In the future, Bucher Automation's employees will develop and produce automation solutions in a building that is highly energy-efficient, optimally tempered and ventilated thanks to intelligent building technology, not to mention that it promotes an open and modern work culture.