“Our production site is powered extensively by the large-scale photovoltaic installation.”

Yawei Wang
Facility Department Manager
Bucher Emhart Glass, Zibo

As Facility Department Manager, Yawei Wang is Project Manager of the carbon dioxide emission project. Since joining Shandong Sanjin Glass Machinery (Bucher Emhart Glass) in Zibo 15 years ago, he has been dedicated to reducing the CO2 emissions of the site.

“We’re excited about how much we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint in only a few years. This marks a milestone for us at Sanjin.”

“We strive to decrease our annual CO2 emissions by a third, mainly through solar power, and also thanks to modernisation in our production plant.”

“When we develop measures, we also aim to create a better working environment. That’s how we are able to attract and retain qualified employees.”

The measures implemented not only significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Bucher Emhart Glass Sanjin site but also make it a showcase project in the 4.7 million metropolis of Zibo, Shandong. Powered by the company’s commitment to responsible management, planning and budgeting as well as his drive to implement innovative solutions, site

manager and patron Haijun Yu is the key to this pioneering position. Bucher Emhart Glass plans to expand its photovoltaic installation by 2025 with the goal of becoming even more energy-independent and CO2 friendly – an investment that will pay off in the long term and benefit the climate, people’s health and the company’s finances.