“Each one of our 490 people can really make a difference.”

Yolanda Cobos
Head of Management Systems
Bucher Municipal, Dorking

Being an environmentalist herself, engaging with people on the importance of environmental responsibility comes naturally to Yolanda Cobos. Her drive, passion, and determination to reduce CO2 emissions at the production site are one of a kind. She ensures that safety, environment and quality are integrated into a single business ethos.

“Today, the protection of the environment is a serious issue. It’s each company’s moral obligation to reduce their negative impacts. And if it improves safety as well as production costs, then even better.”

“Sometimes we need a solution in a particular production unit and we might find it in another one. My task is to connect the idea to the right place at the right time. It’s a big jigsaw puzzle.”

“The mix of management-driven measures like photovoltaic installations and the hands-on ideas of our employees creates the real magic.”

Nature is literally at the doorstep of the Bucher Municipal site in Dorking. This is why the company fosters its culture of empowerment to continually target a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Working out a long-term strategy with leaders and listening to

ideas from those doing the work means all areas of the business are given attention and an opportunity to bring suggestions to the table. And it means that 490 people use their brain power and are working towards the common goal of creating a better factory.