We reliably maintain ample inventories of quality parts on all continents to ensure that farmers remain productive throughout the year.

Valérie Martin
Deputy Director - Distribution
Terréa, machine dealer, France


“As one of the largest agricultural machinery dealers in France, we have enjoyed a close partnership with Kuhn Group since 1968, and in recent years the relationship has become even closer. This is largely due to the continuous availability of parts and the efficient service with fast deliveries that Kuhn Group provides.”

“The digital tools set up by Kuhn Group allow us to be more reactive and improve customer satisfaction.”

Terréa, Kunde von Kuhn Group

“An example that highlights the professionalism of the Kuhn Parts team is the time when our storekeeper Olivier needed a very specific component, a connector, that was not listed in the spare parts manual. Kuhn Parts technical support immediately identified the relevant component, we placed the order and our customer was served quickly. You made it very simple, which is why we keep coming back.”

Jordi Van de Vondervoort
Logistics and after-sales manager
Reesink Agri, machine importer, Netherlands


“For over 100 years, Reesink Agri has been distributing high-quality agricultural machinery in the Netherlands. And for more than half that time, we have been working closely with Kuhn Group as a partner for the Dutch market. As both our companies share a common philosophy, we are able to continuously drive the growth of the Kuhn brand in the Netherlands. To achieve this growth in a highly competitive market, a fast and reliable supply chain and good after-sales service are key. Together with Kuhn Group, our own parts centre and our local dealer network, we have created a lean supply chain that the agricultural producers trust to get their parts wherever and whenever they want. Evident in the fact that one of our biggest dealers in the north of the Netherlands had an issue in the middle of the season on a Saturday evening with a sensor of a 15-metre rake.”

“Because the part could be picked up at the Reesink Agri warehouse that same evening, we could ensure that our customer was back working in the field the same night. This was critical because the pressure of changing weather conditions was high that day. This is what we call excellent Kuhn service.”

Johan Meinderts
Meinderts Wergea B.V., machine dealer, Netherlands

Meinderts Wergea B.V., Kunde von Kuhn Group

Story from the annual report 2020