Quieter farm loaders with low emissions

Using battery-operated farm loaders will soon make economic sense for farmers: the impact of noxious emissions, such as exhaust gases and fine dust particles, on humans and animals is eliminated when loaders work in stables and around the farmyard. Immediate neighbours benefit because the vehicles’ noise emissions are reduced by half, so they can keep operating longer into the evening.

Targeted deployment of energy reserves

Bucher Hydraulics helps make selective use of the limited energy reserves of these environmentally friendly vehicles. Battery life has to last for several hours to enable farmers to use their electric farm loaders efficiently – but whenever one of the vehicle’s functions is activated there is some consumption of energy. The solutions for reducing this consumption include a smart valve developed by Bucher Hydraulics.

Smart valve communicates with electromotor

Thanks to sophisticated sensor technology, the valve has the capacity to communicate with the electric motor to tell it when it should switch on and then off again. This avoids energy and pressure loss, which significantly increases the efficiency of the farm loader and its service life.

Driving further development

Bucher Hydraulics is playing an active role in the further development of these battery-powered vehicles. The division is currently using computer simulations to test the intelligent combination of hydraulic elements to ensure the vehicles of tomorrow will be capable of working even longer on one battery charge.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2016