The year 2020 was a difficult one, and Bucher Industries’ primary focus was to keep employees safe during the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the Group was able to continue launching new products to help customers be more productive, conduct their work safely, lower costs, and reduce their ecological footprint – the most powerful lever Bucher has to contribute to a sustainable future.

Product highlights in 2020

Examples shown in the sustainability report 2020 include Kuhn Group’s “AURA”, an autonomous feed loading and mixing solution that allows livestock farmers to focus their time on higher value-added operational tasks. Bucher Municipal launched the “Husky Le”, a fully electric liquid brine sprayer which can be mounted on both conventional and electric vehicles and is specifically designed for the “CityCat V20e” compact sweeper. Bucher Hydraulics developed “HELAX”, a decentralised linear drive solution composed of a hydraulic cylinder, which is controlled by an electric motor in combination with the AX pump. It permits continuous operation at the highest level of energy efficiency and therefore aroused interest among customers working on next-generation machines.

Bucher Emhart Glass continued with the development of its “End to End” technology such as the closed-loop control “GobRadar” which allows for more accurate gob weight control, thus reducing losses in the manufacturing process and thereby lowering the carbon footprint of each container. Bucher Landtechnik has entered into a strategic partnership to launch “ARA”, a tractor-mounted, high-precision sprayer that greatly reduces the use of herbicides in plane fields and row crops.

There for the customers

Also in 2020, which was marked by COVID-19, Bucher Industries and its divisions were committed to being there for their customers wherever and whenever they needed it, with fast and reliable support, in-depth knowledge, and access to original parts. In this sustainability report, the voices of five customers are highlighted to share what they think of Bucher services.

The Group also launched a review of its sustainability strategy in 2020. The four pillars of “Customers”, “Employees”, “Environment”, and “Compliance” were reaffirmed and three more topics added: “Innovative products and optimal solutions”, relating to customers, as well as “Solutions with a purpose” and “Good corporate governance,” both of which are core to the foundation of the company.

Sustainability report

Bucher Industries uses of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards as the basis for its report on sustainability. The sustainability report 2020 and examples of the divisions’ products and initiatives are available online and may be accessed using the following links:

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