2021 was marked by strong demand for Bucher Industries’ products and services. At the same time, the divisions were faced with bottlenecks and delays in the supply chain that intensified over the year.

In this challenging production environment, employees did everything in their power to ensure customers received their orders on time. What drives them to work with such dedication? One factor is their awareness that they are creating value for society through their work at Bucher Industries. In this sustainability report, five employees talk about their motivation for their work.

Creating value and reducing the ecological footprint

In 2021, the divisions continued to develop their products and services to reduce the impact that they have on the environment when in use. For example, Kuhn Group has continued its efforts in conservation agriculture with the “GLADIATOR 1210”, a new strip-till product range. Bucher Municipal is steadily expanding its range of electric municipal vehicles and Bucher Hydraulics is establishing itself as a supplier of electrohydraulic subsystems used in electric special and utility vehicles. Bucher Emhart Glass is using artificial intelligence to unlock further potential for energy savings in the production of glass containers.

Reducing CO2 intensity in production

During the reporting period, Bucher Industries finalised the review of its sustainability strategy and started implementing it. It put a strong focus on CO2 intensity in production. The Group has set itself the goal of reducing this by 10% over five years. The divisions implemented various measures in 2021 to achieve this goal. These included installing additional photovoltaic capacity, increasing the proportion of renewable electricity from the grid and replacing older production equipment with more energy-efficient machines.

Sustainability report

Bucher Industries reports on sustainability in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The sustainability report 2021 and examples of the divisions’ products and initiatives are available online and may be accessed through the following links:

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Additional performance measures: Internally and externally Bucher Industries uses key figures that are not defined by Swiss GAAP FER. The composition and calculation of the individual indicators may be found at bucherindustries.com/en/additional-performance-measures.