Wuhan Zynkon Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a privately owned company operating under the brand “Zynkon”. The company is a manufacturer of sewage tankers for the Chinese high and medium market segment. The administration and production is located in Wuhan with a sales office and after-sales service site located in Shanghai. Zynkon has 110 employees and reported sales of CNY 93 million (CHF 14 million) for 2018. With the current Managing Director remaining in place, continuity is ensured.

Zynkon’s main products are high pressure jetting vehicles, sewer suction cleaning trucks, and combination jetting/vacuum units, which are produced for the Chinese market. The products are complementary to Bucher Municipal’s sewage tanker product range and the Zynkon brand is well established in the Chinese sewage cleaning industry.

The Chinese sewage tanker market is at an early stage of development, and with the growing demand for better maintained sewage systems, this market is expected to grow and to develop towards a more advanced technical level. With the acquisition of Zynkon, Bucher Municipal establishes a platform in China, thereby gaining access to this growing market and strengthening its presence in Asia.  

Bucher Municipal is a leading supplier of equipment for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads and other traffic areas. Its machinery range encompasses sweepers, sewer cleaning, winter maintenance and refuse collection vehicles and equipment. The product portfolio is completed by digital services. The division has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, the USA, Australia and South Korea.


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