Bucher Industries’ monitoring systems reported activities indicating the preparation of an attack by external attackers. The company shut down the IT infrastructure of the division Bucher Municipal in a secured manner immediately after detecting the activities and stopped production as a precaution. This affects the Bucher Municipal sites worldwide as well as the Bucher Specials sites in Switzerland.

With the help of external experts, the IT infrastructure is currently undergoing an in-depth investigation so that it can be restarted as soon as possible. At present, Bucher Industries does not expect a material impact on the 2021 business results.

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Manuela Suter, CFO

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Contact for media

Silvia Oppliger, Head of Group Communications

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Additional performance measures: Internally and externally Bucher Industries uses key figures that are not defined by Swiss GAAP FER. The composition and calculation of the individual indicators may be found at bucherindustries.com/en/additional-performance-measures.