The future requirements regarding CO2 emissions are met by the AX linear drive, a decentralised electro-hydraulic drive solution, as proven by a series of tests conducted by Bucher Hydraulics in its new testing facility. Increased net power output combined with a massive reduction in power losses makes for a revolutionary improvement in the drives’ carbon footprint. 

-135 t CO2 emission per annum

Extensive testing done by Bucher Hydraulics in 2019 in its new testing facility showed that a modern linear drive with 50 kW drive power coupled with the new AX pump can reduce the standard power losses by more than 90%. Given an annual operating time of 2’000 hours, this represents savings of up to 135 tonnes of CO2.

AX-Pumpe im Test
-90% power loss

This shows the tremendous energy savings potential that innovative linear drive solutions and the AX series can offer customers. This potential is essential for meeting the future energy efficiency and CO2 reduction requirements applicable to drive solutions – requirements such as those that will be defined in future in statutory regulations like the German government’s “Energy Efficiency Strategy 2050”, the EU’s “Energy-related Products” (ErP) Directive and the “EU Eco-label Initiative”.

>80% overall system efficiency

To satisfy these requirements, innovative, highly efficient drive solutions will be needed. For high-performance linear drives, Bucher Hydraulics has developed a new type of electro-hydraulic linear drive that fulfils these requirements. It combines the advantages of hydraulics (high power, robustness) with those of electric drive technology (efficient, easy to adjust and control). With AX technology, an electro-hydraulic solution has been achieved that is optimal in terms of energy efficiency, process effectiveness and high reliability, which was previously not possible.