Investment in the future

In conjunction with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Jetter, a business unit of Bucher Specials, offers places of study in the fields of industrial engineering (specialization electrical engineering) and electrical engineering (specialization automation). Five students from different years worked at Jetter in 2017. In order to give the students the best possible preparation for their future tasks, the students are supervised by a central specialist office at Jetter. Here the entire study program is coordinated, projects are organised and assistance provided for all study and thesis work. The trainers always act as mentors and devote about 10% to 15% of their time to the students.

Win-win situation for young talents and the company

The innovative dual concept is equally attractive for both students and Jetter. Their work enables the students to gain knowledge of operations and to learn internal processes. The dual study course also offers some real advantages for Jetter, as it makes available well-educated young people who know the company and who can take on the responsibility of tasks and projects almost immediately after completing their studies. Whenever possible, Jetter offers an attractive job to those who have finished the course. In 2017, one student successfully completed his studies and now works in the area of development.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2017