Bucher Municipal has been producing high-quality sweepers in Ventspils, Latvia, since 2005. Flawless sheet metal forming and welding are key factors in the process. To guarantee quality at the site, Bucher Municipal trains local skilled staff in line with the Swiss system which follows a dual approach combining theory and practical experience.  In 2015, around 90 welders completed their training.

  • Close collaboration between instructors and trainees is a key aspect of the training-course model.
  • Bucher Municipal facilitates the practical side of the course along with five other industrial companies in the Ventspils district.
  • Three welders trained in 2007; in 2015 the number was up to 90.
  • With the guaranteed availability of specialist staff, the plant is now turning out 1 100 sweeper hoppers every year.

Success story from the 2015 annual report