Safe handling of protection agents

To ensure a high level of protection for farmers, Kuhn Group equips its new OCEANIS 2 trailed sprayers with the Easyflow system. This allows for the uncomplicated, contact-free supply of liquid crop protection agents. Connecting the container is very simple with the Easyflow system, which pierces the container’s protective seal automatically. The system precludes the need to manually empty or clean the container, protecting the operator from contact with liquids and ensuring maximum safety for farmers.

Environmentally friendly application of crop protection agents

To ensure the precise application of crop protection agents, Kuhn Group has equipped the new OCEANIS 2 trailed sprayers with the Multispray system. The system automatically selects the spray nozzles required with reference to the amount of liquid to be applied and the tractor speed. Each individual nozzle can be activated or shut off using real-time GPS positioning. The Multispray system not only ensures the precision-controlled delivery of crop protection agents but also achieves a ninefold reduction of section overlap, with a marked protective effect on crops, soil and groundwater. It also reduces farmer’s costs.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2016