Towns and cities are duty bound to offer an efficient and environmentally sound winter maintenance service to ensure safe traffic conditions. Bucher Municipal has developed an innovative system to provide assistance, automatically managing and optimising the deployment of spreaders and snow ploughs. It works by intelligently linking real-time data on current snowfall, snow conditions, air and road-surface temperature, traffic routes and driving and weather conditions. ASSIST also has a route management system which enables customers to make the most effective use of their entire winter maintenance fleet. ASSIST was developed in close cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) along with other research and industry partners. Pilot projects with ASSIST got underway at various locations in 2016.

  • Selective and sparing use of gritting material
  • Increased road safety thanks to automated management of winter maintenance equipment
  • Efficient fleet management
  • Lower emissions
  • Control and analysis options

Success story from the 2016 annual report