A firm commitment

Bucher Unipektin, a business unit of the Bucher Specials division, is sending out a clear message about occupational safety to its staff and external partners. By signing up to the SUVA Safety Charter, the company is acknowledging its commitment to imposing targeted measures to ensure the occupational safety of its employees and customers. As the biggest risk factor involved with machinery is not the technology but people, the importance of training is clear.

Exposing risks

The training includes teaching customers to spot obvious and concealed accident risks which may arise in a workplace involving machines and installations. These are hazards which can occur when using equipment or during cleaning or maintenance work. Bucher Unipektin has identified the potential safety risks for each type of machine and installation and is passes on this knowledge to its customers through the training sessions.

Success through training and clear rules

In a theoretical session, Bucher Unipektin presents the portfolio of risks involved in using machines and installations and raises customers’ awareness of “essential rules and safety measures”. A practical session demonstrates the preventive measures on the machinery itself and teaches users how to apply the safe working principle of “Stop in case of danger, eliminate hazard, resume working”.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2016