75% quieter vehicle

Partly in view of ever stricter environmental regulations, municipal authorities are in search of utility vehicles that can travel through town centres quietly and without giving off harmful emissions, thereby helping to protect the climate. Bucher Municipal’s fully electric CityCat 2020ev offers a unique solution: carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be cut by around 26 tonnes per year and noise by 75%. This makes the vehicles suitable for use, even in the very early hours of the morning.

Operating costs down 70%

But the vehicle is also an outstanding performer in day-to-day operations. It goes for a total of eight hours per day before needing a recharge – recharging takes two to three hours. Operating costs are about 70% lower than its diesel-powered counterpart, the CityCat 2020, because regular, costly engine maintenance is unnecessary and electrical power is significantly more economical than diesel fuel.

Accustomed efficiency and high performance

The electric sweeper delivers the same full sweeping and suction performance as the classic CityCat 2020, while maintaining its great manoeuvrability and hopper capacity. The fully electric version of the vehicle is no different from the conventional model in terms of operation, maintenance and servicing, but it does make town centres a lot more environmentally friendly as well as more liveable for residents.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2016