Glass manufacturing requires experience

Fewer and fewer people want to work under the hot and loud conditions of glass manufacturing. This presents glass container manufacturers with major challenges: how can they, with fewer new recruits and hence a loss of know-how, remain competitive and meet rising customer demands while constantly becoming more efficient and producing ever-higher quality products? Bucher Emhart Glass has the answer.

Advancing glass production as strong partners

Under the motto “Stronger together”, Bucher Emhart Glass is developing technologies and solutions, working as a partner with its customers. For example, the “lubrication” of blank molds can now be done by robots, which makes the work of glass manufacturing more efficient and safer for the humans involved.

Digitalisation of the production chain

New digital developments are making it possible to transfer the knowledge of experienced employees to software and automation solutions, which helps to stem the loss of know-how. Digitalisation in turn requires skills that can attract younger employees. The overarching goal of Bucher Emhart Glass is to unify the entire production chain from glass-forming to inspection into a smooth and coherent process. The division made important progress on this path in 2017. In the autumn of 2018, the division will present the latest developments.

Story from the Sustainability Report 2017