Brazil is one of the world’s most important agricultural producers. However, it can only count on a limited number of fertiliser spreaders capable of meeting local demands for reliability, simplicity and productivity. In response, two Kuhn plants developed the new Accura ST 5000 self-propelled fertiliser spreader. It combines an increased working width, a higher level of accuracy and ease of use – resulting in improved productivity.

  • The Accura ST 5000, an industry first, grew out of the successful collaboration between Kuhn do Brasil and Kuhn Montana.
  • The number of wheel tracks is kept to a minimum, thus protecting the ground, allowing more land to be cultivated and increasing crop yields. 
  • The market comparison shows that accuracy and a 10% increase in operational working width to match crop sprayer width results in increased productivity.
  • Even with the working width increased up to 40 m, the Accura ST 5000 spreads fertiliser economically, precisely and uniformly at a working speed of 30 km/hour.

Success story from the 2015 annual report