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2013 annual general meeting approves all the board’s proposals
The shareholders attending today’s annual general meeting of Bucher Industries AG approved all the board of directors’ proposals. In addition to the regular agenda items, the shareholders approved the re-election of Rolf Broglie and Anita Hauser to the board.
Bucher Hydraulics acquires a production base in Brazil
Bucher Hydraulics, a division of Bucher Industries, is creating a new production and engineering base in Brazil by acquiring Eco Sistemas near Porto Alegre. Eco Sistemas is the ideal partner to establish the new hub of Bucher Hydraulics in South America.
Bucher Industries posts 21% rise in operating profit and profit for the year
In the 2012 business year, Bucher Industries increased sales by 12% to CHF 2 609 million, while operating profit rose 21% to CHF 229 million. The operating profit margin increased to 8.8%. Profit for the year also grew by 21%, reaching CHF 154 million. The board of directors is proposing a dividend of CHF 5.00 per share to the annual general meeting on 11 April 2013.
Bucher Industries achieves high sales growth
Bucher Industries increased sales by 12% to CHF 2 609 million in the 2012 business year. Order intake of CHF 2 490 million was 4% down on the high level of the previous year because of major one-off orders in 2011 and the slowdown in the market for hydraulic components. For 2012 the Group expects double-digit growth in operating profit and profit for the year.
Bucher Industries acquires Ölhydraulik Altenerding
Bucher Industries is acquiring the medium-sized enterprise Ölhydraulik Altenerding in Erding, Germany, for its Bucher Hydraulics division. The company specialises in advanced hydraulic cylinder technology for high-pressure applications, which complements Bucher Hydraulics' portfolio of hydraulic solutions.
Bucher Industries publishes first sustainability report
Bucher Industries AG is publishing its first sustainability report in accordance with the GRI G3 Level C standard. Environmental indicators based on data collected for the first time in 2011 ensure additional transparency. The findings of the survey will feed into the operations of the Group companies.
Emhart Glass plans to leverage its global footprint
Emhart Glass, a division of Bucher Industries and the worldwide market leader in glass container forming machinery, is planning to step up its response to the shift in the glass container markets from customized, high-end equipment to more standardized glass-forming machinery. The proposed realignment of production and engineering capacities will increase the division's flexibility, cost efficiency and profitability, while improving proximity to its customers worldwide.
High sales growth sustained
Bucher Industries increased sales by 14% to CHF 1 931 million in the first nine months of the current business year. All divisions contributed to this pleasing development. The order intake of CHF 1 768 million was only 2% down on the same period of last year. For 2012 as a whole, the Group continues to expect improved sales, operating profit and profit for the year.

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