Spoutvac is Australia’s largest purpose-built manufacturer of industrial sewer and drain cleaning trucks and hydro excavation units, and distributor of equipment and accessories. The privately owned company with over 30 years of industry know-how is located in Bendigo, northwest of Melbourne. In the financial year ended in June 2020, Spoutvac generated a turnover of more than AUD 25 million.

Bucher Municipal is market leader for sweepers, refuse collection vehicles and static compaction equipment in Oceania. With the acquisition of Spoutvac, the division expects to grow the business in this region by complementing its existing product range. It will thus be able to better serve customers by offering them the full product portfolio through its well established Bucher Municipal sales and service organisation.

The division will integrate the entire operational business of Spoutvac into its organisation in Australia and offer employment to all the existing 35 employees. With the current management team remaining in place and the business location staying in Bendigo, continuity is ensured for customers, suppliers and employees.

Bucher Municipal is a leading supplier of vehicles and equipment for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads and other traffic areas. Its machinery range encompasses sweepers and sewer cleaning, winter maintenance and refuse collection vehicles and equipment. The product portfolio is supplemented by digital services. The division has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, Australia, China and South Korea.

Contact for investors and financial analysts

Manuela Suter, CFO

Phone +41 43 815 80 50


Contact for media

Silvia Oppliger, Head of Group Communications

Phone +41 43 815 80 40


Additional performance measures: Internally and externally Bucher Industries uses key figures that are not defined by Swiss GAAP FER. The composition and calculation of the individual indicators may be found at www.bucherindustries.com/en/additional-performance-measures.

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