Across the Group, and in accordance with the materiality matrix, the measures and initiatives towards sustainability are focused on four defined areas:

  • Competition law and corruption

  • Customer health and safety

  • Diverse and highly qualified employees

  • Impact of our machinery and systems on the environment

In 2017, all five of the Bucher Industries divisions launched products and pursued projects that address these priorities:
Kuhn Group developed a seed drill that allows two work steps to be combined into just one. This reduces not only the amount of fuel used, but also damage to the soil. Bucher Municipal’s RECycler sewer cleaning vehicle saves considerable quantities of water by using for its cleaning work water pumped out of the sewer rather than fresh water. Bucher Hydraulics’ servo-hydraulic solutions reduce the CO2 emissions and energy consumption for our customer applications. Bucher Emhart Glass is further expanding its collaboration with customers in order to make work processes in the glass container industry safer and more efficient. Jetter, a business unit of Bucher Specials, is working together with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University to secure a source of future talents.

Compliance with competition law and the avoidance of corruption are specified in Bucher Industries’ code of conduct, with the message reinforced by regular training courses for all employees. During the reporting year, a cyber security policy was rolled out across the organisation, with the aim of addressing at an early stage the potential risks that arise from increasing networking and automation.

Sustainability report

The Sustainability report 2017 and examples of the divisions’ products and initiatives can be accessed via the following links:


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