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Annual general meeting approves all proposals of the Board of Directors
At today’s annual general meeting (AGM) of Bucher Industries AG, the shareholders agreed to all the proposals put forward by the board of directors. The dividend is CHF 6.50 per registered share. The AGM was held without the physical attendance of shareholders. A total of 73.46% of the votes were represented by the independent proxy holder.
Robust profitability under difficult conditions
The strong drop in demand in the first half of the year was followed by a recovery from mid-year onwards, which gained momentum towards the end of the reporting period. Sales were below last year’s record-high level. The operating profit margin was 7.4% and profit for the year was CHF 152 million. The board of directors proposes a dividend of CHF 6.50 per share.
Robust business development in a difficult year
Demand for the products and services of Bucher Industries declined notably in the first half of 2020 as a consequence of the spread of COVID-19. A recovery set in at mid-year and gained momentum towards the end of the reporting period, but order intake and sales were nevertheless lower overall. The Group expects the operating profit margin for 2020 to be slightly higher than at mid-year and profit for the period to be correspondingly lower versus 2019.
Recovery in the third quarter
The demand for Bucher Industries’ products and services normalised in the third quarter. Most production sites could resume operations without any notable restrictions and deliver to customers. The financial position of the Group remains solid.
Good operating performance in difficult environment
Following a good start of the year, the situation deteriorated rapidly with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bucher Industries had to temporarily shut down production at several sites. Order intake and sales were markedly down on the very high prior-year figures. At the end of the reporting period, all sites were operational again, albeit some with certain restrictions. Despite the difficult conditions, the Group achieved a decent operating profit margin.
Bucher Industries committed to develop increasingly sustainable products
In 2019, Bucher Industries pursued its sustainability strategy with great commitment, despite increasingly challenging markets. The focus of its efforts continued to be on the efficiency and productivity of its products, as this is the biggest lever the Group has to contribute to a sustainable future. Bucher Industries utilises the Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative to report its sustainability efforts.
Internal succession in the management of Bucher Emhart Glass
After 15 years as division president of Bucher Emhart Glass, Martin Jetter is handing over to Matthias Kümmerle, who has headed the Technology division of Bucher Emhart Glass since 2011. The change will take effect on 1 January 2021.

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