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Group management

Jacques Sanche
Manuela Suter

Group finance

Manuela Suter, CFO
Ronald Dawson, Group controlling
Jörg Hüchting, Group tax
Frank Rust, Group treasury
Stefan Wenigmann, Group cyber security


Thierry Krier

Kuhn Group

Thierry Krier, Division president
Dominique Schneider, Finance and controlling
Jean-Luc Collin, Operations
Rolf Schneider, Sales and marketing
Christophe Jeanroy, Research and development
Hervé Arlot, Kuhn-Huard SA
Didier Vallat, Kuhn-Audureau SA
Dominique Devillers, Kuhn Blanchard SAS
Marc Peeters, Kuhn-Geldrop B.V.
Greg Petras, Kuhn North America, Inc.; Kuhn Krause, Inc.
Mario Wagner, Kuhn do Brasil S/A; Kuhn-Montana Indústria de Máquinas S/A


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Aurelio Lemos

Bucher Municipal

Aurelio Lemos, Division president
Stefan Häni, Finance and controlling
Thomas Dubach, Business development
Jussi Iltanen, Chief Marketing Officer
René Manser, Chief Information Officer
Peter Rhodes, Sweepers
Thomas Dubach, Sewer cleaning vehicles, ad interim
David Waldron, Refuse collection vehicles
Guido Giletta, Winter equipment


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Daniel Waller

Bucher Hydraulics

Daniel Waller, Division president
Peter Minder, Finance and controlling
Uwe Kronmüller, Bucher Hydraulics Germany
Jens Kubasch, Bucher Hydraulics Switzerland
Luca Bergonzini, Bucher Hydraulics Italy
Bill Parks, Bucher Hydraulics North America
Kapil Sehgal, Bucher Hydraulics India
Sam Wu, Bucher Hydraulics China


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Martin Jetter

Bucher Emhart Glass

Martin Jetter, Division president
Reto Semadeni, Finance and controlling
Matthias Kümmerle, Technology
Juan R. Montes, Logistics and manufacturing
Werner Gessner, Sales and marketing


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Stefan Düring

Bucher Specials

Stefan Düring, Division president

Bruno Estienne, Bucher Vaslin

Hartmut Haverland, Bucher Unipektin

Jürg Minger, Bucher Landtechnik

Christian Benz, Jetter


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Group services

Stefan Düring
Markus Beck
Silvia Oppliger