Bucher Emhart Glass

Bucher Emhart Glass is the world’s leading supplier of advanced technologies for manufacturing and inspecting glass containers. Its portfolio consists of glass-forming and inspection machinery, systems, components, spare parts, advice and services for the glass container industry. Bucher Emhart Glass uses its innovative strength to ensure that glass remains the ideal packaging material for food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

«In terms of quality, health and environmental compatibility, glass containers are the ideal packaging. For a 100 years, we have been equipping production lines for customers who make glass bottles – today some 115 billion a year, nearly 40% of total world output.»

Martin Jetter
Bucher Emhart Glass division president

Smart technology

Non-stop process optimisation thanks to remote services

Bucher Emhart Glass offers customers wide-ranging advice on web-based remote access to machines. http://www.bucherindustries.com/en/node/36998

Local insight

Improving efficiency step by step

The Chinese experience shows how workflows can be revised to tap new potential in quality and time management. http://www.bucherindustries.com/en/node/35250