Bucher Hydraulics

Bucher Hydraulics is a leading international manufacturer of advanced hydraulic systems which customers all over the world integrate into their products. The systems are designed to meet state-of-the-art standards of engineering, safety and quality. The wide range of products includes pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, power units, elevator drives and control systems with integrated electronics. With manufacturing facilities and distribution companies in Europe, Asia, the USA and Brazil, Bucher Hydraulics is close to its markets and customers around the world.

«We have not achieved our goal until our customers succeed with their products featuring our hydraulic systems. Our formula for success is based on intensive collaboration with customers, from development through to series production.»

Daniel Waller
Bucher Hydraulics division president

Smart technology

iValve – the intelligent, self-adjusting elevator valve

An adaptive valve for elevator hydraulics programs the optimal drive cycle on its own. http://www.bucherindustries.com/en/node/36850

Local insight

Local solutions for first-class quality worldwide

In India, Bucher Hydraulics is committed to quality testing using local know-how. http://www.bucherindustries.com/en/node/35227